Photo Friday: Morning

I entered my first photo in to a competition today. This was one of my new years resolutions. When I stumbled onto the site for Photo Fridays I felt compelled to “just see” how it goes. It would be great if I win some week but I really just want to get my photography in […]

Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013

“I am happy to be moving forward into 2013.  In fact, I am running but, only time holds me back.  I am so excited for the many experiences, friendships and accomplishments that await me.  I am not making any promises or resolutions that may never come true. I am simply going to live each day […]

Baby Shower

I had my first out of state photo session in celebration of the soon arriving Baby Kiran. The road trip to Phoenix Arizona is always nice and quiet. There is not much between Los Angeles and Phoenix, except desert. This leaves a lot of time to listen to the radio and think. The weekend brought […]


Can you believe it? The Christmas Season is here! And so is the time for Christmas cards for family and friends. Its always a pleasure to be around the Wroan Family. When give the opportunity to take their Christmas photo I could not have been happier. They picked a cute park down by the beach […]

Coffee for you, Coffee for me

What an absolutely spectacular way to drink my latte.  I have been trying to wean myself from my consumption, but creations like this make me want to drink 3 cups a day!  Maybe I’ll take a healthier route, filling it with water or fresh juice. Either way, it’s is an magnificent idea for all of us photographers! […]

Dream and Aspirations

There’s so much I want in life.  Honestly, I have been trying to find a way to get rich but, not because I want to buy fancy cars, pop bottle at the club (ha ha), or buy a fancy house with rooms filled with emptiness.  I have this dream of being able to give back […]

Contact Info

Hello I’m Robyn Rieger.  I welcome you view my site. I hope you enjoy my photography.   I’m located right here in Culver City, CA.  I will travel up to 25 miles (Los Angeles, Southbay, and Orange county)  If you live further than 25 miles please ask about my rates for traveling. You can contact […]

Traveling creates inspiration

I want to dedicate this album to a dear friend of mine, Janine.  She introducing me to the ”Isla del Encanto” where I have met amazing friends and seen beauty that goes beyond what I can display here in front of you.  Some things in life cannot be recreated or frozen in time to truly […]