What to expect

The Session: What to Expect

BEFORE…….In preparation for your photo shoot we want you to be as comfortable and prepared for your day as possible.    I find it important to get to know you and to discuss the location, your wardrobe and what it is that you are expecting for your photo session.

Once you have booked the day and time we will do a consultation over the phone or by email.  This is the time where we will set your expectations.  You will have plenty of time to ask questions.  We will discuss all the details and work together to create a photo session that expresses the unique qualities of your family, as well as, individual personalities.  This is so important and the reason I feel that you called me in the first place.


DURING…….Each session takes 1-2 hours. We start promptly at the scheduled time.  Please  allow yourself  a cushion time before and after your shoot.  We ask that you be ready and dressed in your first outfit, 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to layout and review your clothing options.   In addition, you will show much less stress in your photos if you arrive early with time to spare.

If you feel that you need 2+ hours please indicate this during the consultation.  This may be necessary if traveling to multiple locations, have four or more clothing changes and/or multiple family combinations.  Please let us know ahead of time so we are able to accommodate.  Each additional ½ hour is $25.

I do all of my photos on location which makes your photos unique to you.  Choose a location that is interesting, lovely, and filled with texture!  This can be your own backyard, the beach, the local park.  Pick someplace that means something to you.  A place you want to remember. If you would like assistance in picking a location I am always happy to suggest.


AFTER……..Within 2-3 weeks your watermarked proofs will be ready and available for viewing in a private password protected online gallery.  You, your family and friends will have access to view the proofs for two weeks while you decide which images you would like to purchase.

Once you choose your photos it will take another 2 weeks to print and organize your order. Depending on the amount of prints ordered your order may take more or less time to complete but I will let you know at the time of ordering.  After the photos are complete,   I will coordinate a time that your photos will be ready for pick up.