What to wear

Clothing, Hair and Makeup

We all want to look good when we get our pictures since they will around forever (literally).  I’ll do anything to help you look your best in your photos.  I will be there to help you pose, smile and look natural.  There are also a few things you will need to do.

HAIR: Wear your hair the way you are most comfortable. If you are trying a new hairstyle be sure to give it a test run before the day.  Photo day is not the time for a bad haircut/hairstyle. We all have those embarrassing pictures from childhood.  Lets not contribute more to the attic.  If you have straight hair, please make sure that the hair is smooth so that those little wispy hairs don’t catch the light.

MAKEUP:  To look natural, wear your regular evening makeup.  Wear eyeshadow and add an extra layer of mascara to make your eyes stand out. Otherwise, have your makeup done by a professional. Its always fun to be pampered and it’s a great way to learn a few new makeup tips from the professionals.

COORDINATE:  For family photos make sure you coordinate the attire of everyone in the pictures.  Don’t think that you need to spend a lot of money to have everyone in the same color shirt.  Just pick a theme such as denim or for the more formal try grey and black.  Everyone will get their own personal style, bringing out each individual personality.  Wearing solid colors are best and simple details (no patterns).  Patterns are too distracting when we want to see a picture of you.

ACCESSORIES: Some ways to accent your self are hats, scarves, hair clips and flowers.

CLOTHING:  Stay away from short sleeves or sleeveless tops. Even when its hot long sleeves make you look much more slender.  There are two exceptions to this rule. If you are taking engagement photos its okay.  This gives the photos a contrast between feminine and masculine. And the other is for black and white photography. Wear colors that look good on you.  Colors that you know will bring out your eyes.

Bring a few outfits! You are welcome to change as many times as the day allows.  Whites are okay but don’t bring only white. When in doubt bring black, dark colors, and denim.

GLASSES: I recommend no glasses or no lenses to avoid glare, shadows, and reflection.